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Interview with "The Papah Female"

"Desire to Ascend"
To taste the light
is the gift of darkness.

Picture from: Phallucifer Babalith
Credits to LuneBleu

Q: Hi Phallucifer, how are you doing today?

P. B. I’m just fine, thank you.

Q: I have some questions for you. Let’s start with your motivations, what are your major sources of inspiration?

P. B. It’s the same with “The Cathedral of Papah Female” album and the “Puscifer Baphomaat” gallery, on weekends I watch the pigs fighting in the mud, biting the trees and I meditate on men living on the city, then I focus on one particular man/woman-pig and I start the artwork process. The “Magickal Maa” music project deals with many different aspects, but I meditate on leaves rotting, they smell much better than human corpses.

Q: I gather that sex is a constant theme on your work. How do you deal with sex and the erotic?

P. B. I believe sex has become a bad thing, and people will always find many ways to face it, because they can’t run away from it. Most of the time they kneel to it and become raging animals. That is nature. Art is my nature. I don’t like women, and I don’t like men. In fact I pretty much hate them, I’d rather have myself filled up with a goat phallus. I deal with sex mostly through art, and I like to bite myself and to bite pretty girls in sensible places. Now as to what should have been happening, the church has a particle of sense and reason there, just as the pagans do, sex should be a celebration of

1 – Freedom

2 – Love

Sex is not a celebration of freedom nowadays, just look at all the bondagers, terrorized by their sex urges, crouched till they become insignificant pricks.

Sex is not a celebration of love nowadays, either, just look at all the couples: they don’t want children. To have a child is more than to bring unto the world another stupid beast, to have a child means the ultimate sacrifice, the one that claims and ascertains that love and care is above all the little caprices of the vile people.

I can satisfy myself with the dead because the dead represent the body surrendered to love, a corpse doesn’t look back, the eyes of a corpse are still, totally in the moment, surrendered.

Mortal men should only let go when in the arms of either Love, or Will, everything else must become tallness through resistance (sex is a great training ground for such a discipline). True anarchism has nothing to do with disorder and punk behaviour, but everything to do with resistance and integrity.

Q: And what about you?

P. B. I am not a mortal man, because I was never born, I was made up and am, therefore, similar to the metaphysical beings that populate the myths. I have no resistance because I am like a river, a creating and a creative force.

Q: I can understand that you have some influences from philosophy, literature and the esoteric sciences, who are your so called “masters” on this playground?

P. B. The problem with philosophy, literature and the esotericism is the self imposed questions, people shouldn’t question themselves, this divides them and makes them weak, it is an affirmation of self doubt. We, as individuals, are the answers, and we evolve by answering others. If we are to put questions, in order to exercise our intelligence, we should do so to others, to understand others. As soon as you fall from this bridge you are to think of dignity first, because your sense of dignity will be that same spot where you left yourself behind. Now stop making stupid questions, please, I have no masters, never will, and I worship everything.

Q: OK, the interview has come to an end. Thank you very much Phallucifer.

P.B. You are welcome. Good bye and may you all be raped by life.

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** Entrevista feita por Horned Wolf.

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  2. Well, you do have some strange fuckin’ friends don’t cha?! ;)

  3. Bah, não ligues, essa miúda é parva!

    Achas que me consegues arranjar o número dele?! JAJAJA ;)*

  4. Podes contacta-lo nos endereços aqui indicados, pelo myspace ou pelo deviantart, ou no forum abismo humano.

  5. Opiniões inquietantes e desconcertantes... só não concordo que as pessoas não se devam questionar... isso divide-as e torna-as mais frágeis por instantes, talvez... mas tal como como a bela crisálida que surge de dentro de um casulo onde permaneceu desprotegida... a fragilidade é necessária para atingirmos a força!! E a fragilidade é sempre tão enriquecedora... é o abrir da porta ao desconhecido!! Mas concordo que nós, como indivíduos, sejamos, precisamente, respostas, sim, respostas a muitas coisas, mas não respostas automáticas... as respostas necessitam ser procuradas em nós!! Questionar-nos a nós mesmos é a passagem para nos compreendermos a nós mesmos e compreender-nos a nós mesmos é o início de compreendermos os outros...