domingo, 3 de abril de 2011


While most of them walk the same road, I’d rather pick other ways to get there. Meanwhile, I’m presented with splendorous mountains, leafy valleys and peaceful rivers. Randomly, in between such pictures, I do find the road in which almost everybody marches. So I walk along and among some of them (couldn’t tell if in the right way) and maybe get to know one or two – is it possible to know someone really? Then…
The unstoppable quest restarts… it’s a chase all right. Yet…
You’re not the hunted, you’re not the hunter… as I’m neither the prey nor the predator; my best guess goes to my wish to fulfil curiosity. Things are what they are and like they are, so I’m grateful with what I get… everybody should be too. So I go back to my ways, my routes with mythical landscapes where your smile lit the sun, your hands hold leafs on the trees, your eyes shine on every rock and your glaze pulls the wind to blow.
With luck I’ll be there someday, where I can see you every time I look in the mirror…
Simply, I’ve never left this city.

Wolf – Music & Lyrics
Horned Wolf - Video & Art
The Poisonous I – Voice & Soul

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