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Homem Azul

Blue Man of the Minch - Marion Boddy-Evans

0 - The Fool

. I like to watch the bulls, they eat the corpses
. . and I saw that it was good
. I have spoken to you
. Search for childhood

1 - The Magician

. Care not to explain
. . Act by instinct
. ' . Search no reason for your actions nor for others actions
: : Endure.

2 - The Priestess

. They gave the beast to the inner man, and told him how to act.
. . The beast stopped at will, to utter: I won't be corrupted
. ' . Therefore he broke his own prision cell and spilt it's magick blood. In this the spear of Will.
: : To act by instinct is to come to the perfect understanding of one's inner senses and outer limits.

3 - The Empress

. There is something that we remember still
. . A love not lost nor growing ill
. ' . There is a Way where we belong
: : Let it be inside all wild's god's song

4 - The Emperor

. A Titan, you my BABALON
. . Standing Sin on the Sun
. ' . All is still in your Will
: : Silence, and I know that you are God

5 - The Hierophant

. I am in the edge of the stars, as that litlle drop of melting semen
. . Mine is the substance that dares and mine the fall
. ' . If men fall not how can he dare, if men dares how can he not die?
: : Men must be broken, in order to rely on himself, says the reaper

7 - The Lovers

. Her's the waving music and her's the cube: both in union, both in paradox
. . Open legs to heal the wound
. . Now the dogs of envy ravish upon your soul
: : Let the swan go, and accept the dove.

8 - The Chariot

. I did spread myself in light for my delight
. . and I saw that it was good
.'. That my actions are as but reflections
: : Under the night of PAN

9 - Justice

. In brilliant gallant white
. . She comes serene, all confort's night
. ' . She holds my hand, and now we mend
: : Her's the Word of Light

10 - Wheel of Fortune

. Nothing comes out of nothing
. . Two points of light are beginning to contact
.'. There is a fire burning bright
: : To let their children loose, dancing to it's curse

11 - Fortitude

. You are heading down to death
. . All seems perfect, even the sky is brighter
.'. You feel like flying
: : But there is treason in everything: You are doomed to die daily

12 - The Hanged Man

. We all reunite, black roses, white dead bodies, we smoke and make a song out of a poem
. . We sing about the dead ages and call it the new way of life; we valse around the dead whore drinking bad wine
. ' . Aries circling upon me
: : I travel the world to the tall Towers of Fall;

13 - Death

. Once for sleeping, twice for dreaming
. ' . I will bind you to me and tell you: love me, desire me
.. Cold and exhausted
. We will make flesh out of love,

14 - Temperance

. He has the tail of knowledge, and the horn to wake the dead, make women pregnant, and call to war
. . There is an army of dogs, there are the dogs of envy, the master exorcists, and all those whirlwinds to attract the end and the begining of the world
. ' . There is a queen and that queen is lust, she sits on a throne for Therion to subdue, her's is the net ruled by the king, she is the net and he is the spider named "slaves shall obey"
: : The beast for the men, the men for the beast

15 - The Devil

. Lamed: death as an egg
. . There are no places, there are worlds,
. ' . they veil their faces to reveal their nature; they won't see you, because you think too much, you are the dream, but they the touch.
: : Now the virginal bird of wisdom eats it all, Do what thou Wilt, there is no fall.

16 - The Tower

. The Temple of the Black Egg and a Cross; The Temple of the Six Pillars and a White Singing Maid:
. . The Snow Vestal lights the candles. She is the light that flickers in the night.
. ' . The horned women is clothed with the sun: she is the dealer between the serpent that has risen and the bird who has fallen
: : The duty of all lovers is to battle.

17 - The Star

. Blank.
. . There is a secret in desguise, it can't be hidden from the light
. ' . In your realm your appearence will throw me back.
: : I dream of nothing but reflections now.

18 - The Moon

. I change to the colony of insects, I leave the hills of the sun and happily burn in the city of the night
. . a valkyre binds me to her body of stars.
. ' . I am granted three shadows from the world of the living
: : Temptation is the key to Initiation.

19 - The Sun

. . In your realm I call to thee
. . She turns to old flesh
. ' . Now if you see him, that mourns his soul-mate, the one with wounded hands, take no pity
: : Blind fear might drive you Home

20 - Judgement

. On and on, called by the name of correlation. Nobody knows there is something else.
.. We follow the train of our thoughts with heavy shoulders and deep voices.
.'. But I know what's on the other side, and I have come to the knowledge of a world outside.
: : I have entered trough the closed door.

21 - The World

.. The Keeper will smash my legs and will me to fall
. ' . she is the perversion of the Will
.'. But I know life is but a dream
: : at the door of Void

Horned Wolf

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